I recently had the amazing opportunity to join a delegation of Jordanian entrepreneurs and business leaders on a transformative journey to Singapore. Our mission was to uncover the secrets behind Singapore’s success in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. In this blog, I will share my firsthand experiences, observations, and insights gained during our delegation trip to the Lion City.


My connection with Singapore began in 2018 when Maysalward signed an agreement to develop mobile games with the Singaporean animation studio One Animation for their award-winning cartoon, the Oddbods. In 2019, Maysalward was selected to participate in the Google Play 6-month Indie Developer Acceleration Program. Since 2022, I have continued to work closely with Google Singapore as a mentor for their Google Play Indie Program, supporting the growth of emerging game developers. This ongoing involvement reflects my commitment to fostering innovation, supporting the next generation of independent developers, and building relationships with Google Singapore.



Our collaboration with Singapore reached new heights in 2023 with the launch of an Esports academy program in Jordan, organized in partnership with Singapore-based esports specialists. Each visit to Singapore uncovers new dimensions of shared success and growth, making it a significant hub for our international ventures. As my daughter completes her second semester in the one-year exchange program at Yale-NUS University in Singapore, the profound bond with Singapore grows deeper.


Today, I am back in Singapore as a member of a prestigious delegation from Jordan. This delegation is led by the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MODEE), H.E Ahmad Al Hanandeh. It includes representatives from MODEE Jordan Source and the Jordan Youth, Technology, and Jobs (YTJ) Project teams.



Jordanian Delegation
Joining a group of the delegation on the bus heading to the hotel as we reached Singapore.

During our visit, we were privileged to meet influential organizations such as SGTech, ACE, NCS, and other associations, providing invaluable insights into Singapore’s pro-entrepreneurship policies and initiatives. The Singaporean government’s relentless efforts to promote growth and nurture innovation were impressive.


Another highlight of our trip was attending the Jordan Source forum with His Royal Highness Prince Hussein and Her Royal Highness Rajwa Al Hussein. This event allowed us to engage in dialogue and networking with local entrepreneurs, investors, and associations. We were inspired by their passion, resilience, and commitment to innovation, and the exchange of ideas reinforced the importance of cultural diversity in driving entrepreneurial success.


Royal Highness
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein, accompanied by Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Al Hussein. [Photo: Jordan Source]

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit several innovation hubs and companies that serve as breeding grounds for Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem. These spaces foster creativity and collaboration among entrepreneurs, providing a conducive environment for growth.


The panel discussion held during the forum highlighted the significant achievements of Jordan’s ICT sector, emphasizing its crucial contribution to regional and global success. The success stories shared by industry leaders shed light on the strength and innovation emerging from Jordan, solidifying its position as a formidable player in the dynamic field of information and communication technology.



At the end of the forum, two important Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) were signed. BIGO Technology, a global technology company, is deepening its investment in Jordan by signing an MOU with the Information Technology Association of Jordan (Int@J). This strategic collaboration signifies a significant step towards reinforcing BIGO Technology’s commitment to the Jordanian market, fostering technological innovation, and regional cooperation. As part of the MOU, both parties will explore avenues for joint initiatives, knowledge-sharing, and capacity-building programs that aim to contribute to the continued growth of Jordan’s technology sector. The partnership highlights the company’s confidence in Jordan’s potential as a hub for technological advancements and underscores its dedication to supporting the local digital ecosystem.


Dana and Program
Dana Darwish Jordan Source Program Manager on Stage.

Engaging with Singapore’s digital economy and entrepreneurship experts allowed us better to understand their strategic approach and vision for the future. We also identified potential partnership opportunities, realizing the immense potential for collaboration between Jordan and Singapore.


Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and diversity left a lasting impression on us. Exploring the city, we witnessed the harmonious coexistence of various ethnic communities, each contributing their unique traditions. Neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little India, and Arab Street showcased the vibrant tapestry of Singaporean culture.


I had the privilege of joining an extraordinary delegation for a delightful day exploring the diverse cultures of downtown Singapore. As we strolled through the streets, it felt like we were swiftly transported across continents, surrounded by a whirlwind of international flavors and experiences. A simple walk down the street was like grabbing a satay stick at a hawker center, immersing ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of Singapore’s multicultural landscape.

Street Food

One of the highlights of our exploration was stepping into Singapore’s vibrant Chinatown. It was a truly immersive cultural experience that left a lasting impression on my senses. As we wandered through the lively streets, we could feel the excitement as the Chinese community prepared for the upcoming Chinese New Year, marking the auspicious Year of the Dragon. The entire enclave was adorned with a dazzling array of colors, intricate lanterns, and ornate decorations, creating a mesmerizing tapestry that celebrated the rich traditions of Chinese culture. From the bustling market stalls offering traditional treats to the vibrant displays of red and gold symbolizing prosperity and good fortune, the atmosphere was filled with a palpable sense of anticipation. It was a captivating spectacle that showcased the artistic talents of the residents of Chinatown and immersed visitors like myself in the heartwarming spirit of the Chinese New Year festivities.

China Town

Singapore’s January weather is a delightful contrast to typical winter climates, with a comfortable temperature of 28°C. The occasional rain showers only enhance the tropical charm, creating a soothing ambiance and a refreshing break from the warmth. Embracing the drizzles becomes a delightful part of the experience, adding a touch of magic to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. I witnessed a refreshing rain shower at Sentosa Golf Club. You can check out this video to experience it, too.


The multicultural maze of Singapore’s downtown offered us a captivating escapade. With each turn we took, we embarked on a new adventure and discovered a fresh delight around every corner. The city’s vibrant energy immersed us in a warm multicultural experience.


Another remarkable aspect of Singapore that caught our attention was the city’s commitment to urban greenery, which is fantastic! We were truly amazed by how every building in the city showcases a strong environmental consciousness. The seamless integration of green spaces into the cityscape is simply remarkable. Singapore’s impressive attention to detail in incorporating nature into the urban fabric left a lasting impression on our delegation. It truly reflects Singapore’s dedication to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Our visit to Singapore is central to realizing Jordan’s Vision 2033, exemplifying the nation’s commitment to fostering strategic alliances and engaging in global cooperation for sustainable development.


In alignment with the principles of Jordan’s Vision 2033, our visit to Singapore highlights the nation’s proactive stance, prioritizing innovation, economic growth, and international collaboration as foundational pillars for a prosperous future.

Reflecting on our time in Singapore, I am deeply impressed by the extraordinary experience that has significantly broadened my perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship. The knowledge and connections acquired during this journey are poised to play a pivotal role in the growth and success of our ventures in Jordan and beyond.


Exploring the distinct landscapes and histories of Singapore and Jordan, I witnessed the unfolding of a dynamic partnership between our nations, rooted in collaboration and mutual benefit. Singapore’s technological prowess in urban development seamlessly integrates into Jordan, enhancing initiatives such as water management and renewable energy projects. Jordan’s rich cultural heritage, skilled workforce, and strategic location present exceptional opportunities for Singaporean businesses to expand their presence in the Middle East.


This synergistic partnership transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, providing hope for a future where innovation and tradition collaboratively pave the way for prosperity.



Delegation Group Photo
Group Photo with HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein Ibn Abdullah II

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