An Appreneur and Founder of Maysalward, with Over 25 Years of Experience in Mobile Value Added Services and Games.


I’m an experienced Appreneur from Jordan with 25 years in creating value-added services content and mobile games. Back in 2003, I started Maysalward, the first mobile game studio in the Middle East.

My work has helped grow the mobile gaming industry in Jordan and the MENA region, gaining me a lot of recognition. In 2017, King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein gave me the third-degree Medal of Excellence for my efforts, and in 2022, I received the Centenary Medal for my impact.

In 2023, at the Mobile Games Award in London, I was honored with the Mobile Legend Award for transforming the mobile gaming industry and inspiring others. In 2024, I was named MENA Market Legend at Dubai’s MENA Games Industry Awards.

I have a Doctoral degree in World Trade, focusing on how culturalization and localization affect mobile games’ success in the Middle East. I also have a master’s in international business, global marketing, and internationalization, a Diploma in Mobile Telecommunication, and a BSc in Agriculture Engineering.

Nour Khrais Founder and CEO of Maysalward

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