Life's Mosaic: Embracing Every Pixel to Create a Masterpiece

This blog post reflects on a commencement speech I gave at King’s Academy in 2016 in the presence of Crown Prince Al Hussein Ibn Talal. It was a privilege to share my story and some life tips with the graduating class, aiming to inspire others through my experiences and lessons.


Life is like a canvas, with each moment being a pixel shaping the big picture. Choices, experiences, and relationships all play a role in creating our unique path. Understanding the significance of each pixel helps us design a meaningful life.


Every pixel in our Life represents an experience that shapes who we are. Like a mosaic, each pixel adds depth and texture to our existence. Relationships, choices, and moments all contribute to the larger image of our lives.

Life is a collection of experiences, relationships, and choices that create our masterpiece. Both light and dark moments add richness to our tapestry. We can lead a fulfilling life by intentionally crafting meaningful moments and embracing everyday experiences.


Our choices define our identity and shape our lives. Easy decisions and difficult ones all contribute to who we are. Courage and self-reflection are essential in making choices that align with our values and goals.

Diversity enriches our lives and adds vibrancy to our mosaic. Celebrating individuality and valuing diverse perspectives create a more colorful tapestry of human experience.

Balancing attention to details while keeping sight of the bigger picture is crucial. Recognizing patterns and themes in our experiences guides us in making deliberate choices for our future.


Every part of life matters, including challenges and mistakes, as they offer growth opportunities.


 By embracing diversity, finding beauty in ordinary moments, and understanding the significance of every aspect of our lives, we can live authentically and purposefully with our own crafted pixels.


The Beauty of Individual Pixels

Life is like a Mosaic canvas, composed of countless pixels that come together to create a beautiful and unique masterpiece. Each pixel represents an experience, a moment, a relationship, or a choice that shapes who we are and the path we walk. 

Every pixel in a mosaic is essential, even if small. Together, they create a beautiful picture. Even black or colorless pixels that sometimes represent negative experiences are necessary for Life’s shades. Every experience, moment, and choice shapes our Life’s image.


Moments That Shape Us

Reflect on the experiences that have influenced you. These could be significant events, on my canvas, such as winning the student council election, beginning a new job with a leading technology company surrounded by the best brains in the industry, or forming a meaningful relationship and friendship that has no calculation. They could also be simple, daily occurrences—like a walk in the park, a friendly gesture, or a peaceful night at home playing your favorite video game, watching a movie, or, in my case, watching a football match. Each of these experiences contributes to the bigger picture of your Life.


Choices That Define Us

Every choice we make adds another pixel to our canvas. Some options are easy, while others are difficult. But each one is important. They define the path we walk and shape who we become.


Embracing Diversity in Our Mosaic

No two mosaics are the same. Each one is unique, just like each of us. Our experiences, moments, and choices differ, making our Life’s mosaic different from anyone else’s. This diversity is what makes our lives beautiful and exciting.


Seeing the Big Picture

It’s simple to focus on the details and overlook the overall view. Taking a step back lets us see how everything combines to make something unique. We may discover new patterns and themes. This viewpoint helps us value the process and our outstanding work.


Creating a Masterpiece

Remember, Life is an ongoing process. We’re constantly adding new pixels to our mosaic. Even when we face challenges or make mistakes, these, too, become part of our unique design. Embrace each experience, cherish every moment, and make thoughtful choices. In doing so, you’ll continue to create a beautiful and unique masterpiece—your Life.


Life is like a collection of pixels that make up our overall picture. No matter how small, every moment adds color and detail to create a beautiful mosaic. Let’s appreciate each moment with gratitude and wonder, as even the seemingly insignificant ones hold deep beauty.

Commencement Speech at the King's Academy Seventh Annual Commencement Ceremony

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