Gender equality is a fundamental right and something long overdue. All humans should have the same access to opportunities, resources, and rewards regardless of gender. With this blog, I aim to start a conversation about why gender equality matters, how to promote it in the startup’s everyday life, and how it can benefit societies. I hope to inspire people to fight for gender equality and make real-world changes.


I will discuss the Maysalward experience and why we became part of the UNwomen signatories, and as a father of two daughters, my commitment to women’s empowerment has only increased over the years. Watching my daughters grow and develop has given me a renewed appreciation for the strength and capabilities of women, and has made me even more determined to fight for gender equality. 


We always want a better future for our children, and without genuine equality of opportunity, we will never achieve the ideal spot. For all children to reach their full potential, we must create an environment where everyone has access to the same resources and opportunities. We must work together to foster a climate of fairness, respect, and inclusivity. Only then can we ensure that our children have a bright and promising future.


Moreover, my belief in the capabilities of women has been strengthened by my experiences growing up in a family with a strong and capable mother traveling alone with us, reciting to us French poems where she doesn’t speak French but memorizing our readings. Mothers always show how they are great leaders and organizers.


Moms are the perfect example of strong, powerful, capable women! They can take care of their families and balance their careers simultaneously. They can handle any situation that comes their way, no matter how difficult or stressful it is. Nothing can stop them! Even when faced with adversity, mothers always find a way to get through it. They know how to use their sympathetic nature to comfort those around them and make the best decisions for their families. Moms also have a great sense of responsibility and are responsible for teaching their children right from wrong and instilling great values and virtues. They dare to stand up for what they believe in and ensure their kids learn the importance of having a good moral compass. Mothers are also role models, setting an example for their children to follow and be inspired by their values. It’s no wonder mothers are so respected and cherished worldwide – they are solid and robust women who are an invaluable part of our society.


In addition, having a sister among four brothers also made a significant impact on me. She was an accomplished woman who managed to structure her success academically and professionally. She worked hard, and her determination and perseverance inspired me. Her achievements showed me that women can be just as successful as men and should be given the same opportunities and support.


As a father, I am committed to empowering my daughters and giving them the tools and support they need to succeed. Every woman should be allowed to reach her full potential by providing a supportive and inclusive environment.


I am also committed to educating and raising my children to respect and value women’s contributions and challenge any stereotypes or biases they may encounter. I want to empower my daughters to be confident, strong, independent women who can achieve anything they want.


At Maysalward, Women empowerment has become a natural and integral part of our company culture. We actively strive for it and invest time and effort in it, and I am proud to be a part of it.

One of the ways we promote women’s empowerment in our company is by providing equal opportunities for advancement and promotion, regardless of gender. We also offer flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting or part-time schedules, to help women balance their work and family responsibilities.


We have also implemented policies that promote diversity and inclusion, such as training programs and mentorship opportunities. These programs aim to provide the necessary tools and support for women to succeed in their careers. We also conduct regular pay audits to ensure that women are paid fairly and equitably.


In addition, we have created employee resource groups for women, which provide a supportive community and help women network and advance their careers. We also offer parental leave for men and women to promote gender equality in caregiving responsibilities.

We have also implemented a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination and encourage reporting of any incidents. We strive to create a culture where women’s contributions are valued, respected, and recognized.


Through these initiatives, we aim to create an inclusive and equitable work environment for all employees, including women. We hope to create a more dynamic and innovative company culture by investing time and effort in women’s empowerment.

I am proud to be a part of a company that values gender equality and actively works to promote women’s empowerment. It’s a norm in our company culture that makes me proud to work for this organization. Companies need to recognize the importance of gender equality and invest in developing women in the workplace.


Women Strengthen the Society 

Women’s liberation, enlightenment, and education are fundamental to social progress. We need to fight for gender equality and the recognition of women’s rights to ensure a more balanced and just society. We must eliminate the outdated perception that women are inferior or less capable than men. To make tangible progress, we must challenge existing systems of oppression and work to create a better future for ourselves and our daughters.


We all must support investing in female-led initiatives, helping women entrepreneurs, and providing educational opportunities for girls in disadvantaged communities. We must also ensure that laws are introduced to prevent violence against women and ensure their safety in society which we need to support includes directions for gender-sensitive policing, better access to justice and health care for survivors of gender-based violence, and the repeal of discriminatory laws.


Ultimately, we need to work together toward a gender-equal future by transforming patriarchal mindsets, recognizing the value of female autonomy, and enabling a space where women can thrive without fear or judgment.


We always have to remind ourselves of women’s rights and societal roles. Women are not just half of society — they are the foundation of our culture, economy, and social well-being. Without women’s access to education, development, and legal protection, all societies remain behind, and their progress is hindered. We must ensure that women have access to the same opportunities as men to create a more equitable, just, and prosperous future. We must also provide resources to empower women to make positive changes in their communities and realize their full potential. Only then will we create a brighter tomorrow for everyone.


Recently, many people have asserted that one of the fundamental ways to strengthen society is to promote gender equality, which means that men and women should be seen and treated equally in terms of rights and opportunities, regardless of gender. To create this equality, it is essential that both genders can work side by side and share responsibility for the home, work, and family life.


Women are now seen as independent individuals, contributing socially and economically to modern society. Studies have strongly suggested that women are more likely to actively participate in the workforce when given the same opportunity to work as men. It also brings valuable benefits to our economy as well as social development.


Women should not stay at home, but rather work beside men because of the many advantages it brings. Working together in an environment of trust and respect is essential in encouraging gender equality and creating a productive working relationship among genders that will help to shatter gender stereotypes and remove any barriers that may stop women from performing their duties effectively.


In addition, allowing women to work side by side with men will also bring a sense of fairness and justice to the workplace. Everyone should be valued equally and given an equal chance to reach their potential without being hindered by outdated views that limit their ability due to gender. Working together will also help to bridge the gap between men and women in terms of salaries, benefits, and job security.


Finally, by working together, women can make new connections and build relationships with other people outside their homes or workplace, which can lead to further opportunities for personal growth and development, allowing them to become more independent and self-sufficient, which is something we should all strive for to achieve gender equality.


The Menstruation stereotypes


The stereotype that women in the workplace with the monthly period cycle cannot be leaders or make decisions is a harmful and outdated belief that is not supported by scientific evidence. This belief is based on the stereotype that women’s menstrual cycles make them emotional and irrational and that they are, therefore, not capable of managing important tasks or making sound decisions.


This stereotype is untrue and harmful to women, as it can lead to discrimination and bias in the workplace. Women are just as capable of being leaders and making decisions as men, regardless of their menstrual cycle. Based on this stereotype, women should not be judged or held back in their careers.


The myth that a women’s monthly period is a burden on her ability to lead or be at the workplace is one of the oldest and most pervasive gender stereotypes in history. While it is true that many women experience uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms during their periods, these should not be used as excuses or deterrents when selecting women for leadership or other positions in the workforce. 


In modern times, many leading companies have implemented menstruation leave policies, which acknowledge and address the challenges some women may face during their cycle. These policies are a positive step in ensuring that all individuals are given equal opportunities regardless of gender. Furthermore, these organizations are sending a strong message to employees and society that menstruation does not need to be seen as an obstacle to success in any field. 


The myth of the ‘period’ being a burden on female leadership has been perpetuated for generations. It is important to challenge these notions and recognize the strengths and abilities of all individuals regardless of gender or gender expression. Additionally, companies should continue implementing policies, training, and procedures that ensure equal opportunities for all employees and not allow outdated, sexist myths to influence decision-making.


Pregnancy and Commitment 


It is unacceptable for employers to use pregnancy as an excuse for not hiring women. A woman’s expectations should not be a barrier to her gaining employment, and employers must find ways to accommodate pregnant women. 


In many cases, pregnant women can offer the same level of commitment and performance as those who are not expecting. Pregnancy is a normal part of life and should be treated as such. While some physical limitations may affect job performance, such as lifting heavy items, many companies have successfully adapted to accommodate pregnant women.


For example, many employers offer modified duties or alternative work schedules to accommodate expectant mothers, which include allowing women to work different hours or introducing flexible arrangements. In addition, employers can offer additional support to ensure pregnant employees remain safe and comfortable, providing access to ergonomic furniture or helping to arrange time off for medical appointments.


By trying to overcome the challenges associated with pregnancy, companies can benefit from having a more diverse and inclusive workforce. In addition, this approach can help support the growth of potential female leaders in the business. 


Employers need to remember that pregnancy should not be used as an excuse not to hire women. With a range of solutions available, businesses must take responsibility for adapting their practices and policies to allow pregnant women to participate fully in the workplace.


Women in video gaming


The world of video game development has traditionally been male-dominated, but thankfully, this is beginning to change. Women are increasingly becoming involved in game design and development, from concept and art creation to programming and user experience, and this will lead to more experiences available to gamers of all genders. 


Women in video gaming have been making a massive impact in the industry, breaking down barriers and stereotypes and redefining the idea of what it means to be a gamer. Recently, female characters have become increasingly diverse and empowered, and more opportunities for female developers, content creators, and leaders are opening up. Female gamers are using their enthusiasm and influence to create titles that tell a more comprehensive range of stories and reflect women’s experiences in gaming today. As more women take on roles in the gaming industry, there is a greater focus on inclusivity, representation, and innovative approaches to game design. Women are driving the progress of video gaming forward and creating a more inclusive, progressive, and exciting industry.


Women’s engagement in the game industry is something to be celebrated and will lead to more diversity in the gaming world. With more perspectives being brought to the table, gamers of all genders will have access to an even greater variety of experiences. From narrative-driven stories to tactical shooters, games will become more varied and tailored to different play styles. With a greater emphasis on the importance of representation, developers should be able to create more authentic experiences for all players. By bringing female developers into the fold, the gaming industry can ensure that all genders have their voices heard and respected. Overall, the increasing involvement of women in game development is an exciting prospect that can lead to more diverse and unique gaming experiences.



Color blindness 

In the workshops I conduct, I always show my students one tweet I saw one day about manicures, and it says, “For girls, they see six different colors and get confused between them. For men, it’s one color, and they have no idea what color it is. 





Approximately 8% of men are affected by some color blindness, while only 0.5% of women are affected by the condition. The most common form of color blindness, called red-green color blindness, is caused by a genetic mutation on the X chromosome. Since men have only one X chromosome, they are more likely to inherit the conversion, which is why it’s more prevalent in men than in women.


Colors men vs Women



A significant issue for graphic work in mobile game studios. Color blindness can significantly reduce one’s ability to distinguish between specific colors, making it difficult for an artist to portray certain game elements accurately. For example, a person with red-green color blindness may have difficulty distinguishing between two shades of red or green which can confuse players trying to pick out essential game elements such as clues or power-ups. Properly understanding, testing for, and accommodating colorblindness in game design will ensure that the game is more accessible to those with color vision impairments.



Women in mobile gaming are essential for many reasons. Women have been a significant factor in the development of the gaming industry, and their contributions continue to impact the way games are made now. Women have been instrumental in designing games that meet the needs of diverse audiences, such as those with disabilities or different cultural backgrounds. Women often push developers to innovate, introducing ideas that create more engaging and fun gaming experiences. Additionally, female gamers often bring a different perspective to the gaming community. They can draw from their experiences to create stories and worlds that appeal to an even wider audience.



Here are a few items we can share where Women in mobile gaming are essential for many reasons:

  1. Representation: Women form a significant portion of the gaming community, and it’s essential to have representation of women in the industry as both users and creators.
  2. Diverse perspectives: Having women in leadership roles and as game designers can bring new perspectives and ideas to the table, leading to more diverse and inclusive games.
  3. Better business: Studies have shown that companies with more gender diversity perform better financially.
  4. Breaking stereotypes: Having women in visible roles in the mobile gaming industry can help break down stereotypes and biases about women in technology and gaming.
  5. Access to talent: The mobile gaming industry can benefit from including women as developers and idea makers, as it will have access to a broader pool of talented individuals.
  6. Gender-sensitive design: Games designed and developed by teams that include women tend to be more gender-sensitive, with characters and scenarios more relatable to a wide range of players that can provide additional engagement, making them more attractive to female players. Representation of diverse characters and stories can help boost player engagement and loyalty, creating a more inclusive gaming experience.
  7. Creating a better future: By encouraging more women to join the mobile gaming industry, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone in the industry.
  8.  Investing in female mobile game creators and developers can open more opportunities for innovation and creativity in mobile games.
  9. Representing women in mobile gaming can help normalize gaming as an activity for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or age.


Promoting gender equality at Maysalward is achieved through a variety of initiatives and actions, including:


  1. We are providing equal opportunities for advancement and promotion, regardless of gender.
  2. We offer flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting or part-time schedules, to help women balance their work and family responsibilities. We also offer the same flexibility for fathers working with us. 
  3. We work to implement policies that promote diversity and inclusion, such as training programs and mentorship opportunities.
  4. We conduct regular pay audits to ensure that women are paid fairly and equitably.
  5. We offer leadership development programs and training specifically for women and empower them with authority to make decisions. 
  6. Creating employee resource groups for women can provide a supportive community and help women network and advance their careers, and this is why Maysalward was one of the first mobile game studios in Jordan to be part of the UNwomen women empowerment signatories. 
  7. We are providing parental leave for both men and women to promote gender equality in caregiving responsibilities.
  8. We are implementing a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination and encouraging reporting of any incidents. It is a redline. 
  9. We are creating a culture where women’s contributions are valued, respected, and recognized.
  10. We ensure the recruitment process is fair, unbiased, and diverse by conducting blind resume reviews and encouraging diverse hiring.
  11. We Hold leaders and team members accountable for creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and setting specific goals for diversity and inclusion, which can be tracked and measured over time.
  12. We ensure that all training and resources for unconscious bias and allyship for all employees are provided.
  13. Review and update the studio’s policies and benefits to support gender equality and diversity. Every day we learn something new, and we have to ensure that we offer the best environment for our team. 

By implementing these initiatives and actions, mobile game studios can create a more inclusive and equitable work environment for all team members, including women, leading to better business outcomes and a more dynamic and innovative mobile gaming industry.


Nevertheless, gender equality doesn’t mean losing courtesy and not respecting women and their space. Gender equality means that men and women should have the same rights and opportunities, regardless of gender. It’s essential to recognize that gender equality does not mean that one gender is superior to the other; instead, it acknowledges that both genders should be treated equally.



Exactly, gender equality means that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities and be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of gender. It’s essential to recognize that gender equality does not mean one gender is superior to the other. It’s about creating an inclusive and equitable environment where everyone is treated with fairness and respect.


Respecting women’s opinions, physical space, and boundaries is essential to creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. It’s important to remember that respecting etiquette and limiting interactions with women is fundamental to gender equality.

It’s also important to remember that gender equality does not mean that men should be treated differently or less respectfully. It’s about treating everyone with the same level of respect and dignity.


Individuals, organizations, and society must recognize these principles’ importance and actively work towards creating an inclusive and equitable environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their gender.






For many organizations, being part of the United Nations Women’s (UNWomen) Women Empowerment Signatories initiative is a great way to demonstrate a commitment to creating a more equal and just world. The initiative seeks to galvanize public and private sector actors willing to commit to benefiting women and girls in all their diversity.



Organizations that sign the pledge commit to developing and implementing gender-sensitive policies, promoting equal access to education and healthcare, and creating economic opportunities for women. By focusing on specific areas, companies can make measurable progress toward achieving gender equality.



In addition to its commitment to women’s empowerment, signing the pledge can provide numerous other benefits for companies, including improved public perception and employee morale. It also allows organizations to develop new skills and build relationships with like-minded businesses and nonprofit organizations.




For these reasons, organizations should consider joining Women’s Empowerment Principles and raising their voices to support gender equality. By doing so, they can demonstrate their dedication to improving the lives of women and girls worldwide.

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